Yes, we are OPEN! Physical Therapy is an essential service and we can continue to treat you during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We offer 2 treatment options: TeleHealth & In-Clinic Care. Click here for more details on what we are doing to keep you SAFE.


  • Virtual face-to-face PT e-visits 
  • Covered by Medicare & most insurance plans
  • Easy to use from your smartphone or computer
  • Get the continued care you deserve


Medicare and most insurance plans now offer reimbursement for TeleHealth. To make sure that we get you the best coverage possible, we will verify your TeleHealth benefits before your 1st session.


It’s simple: all you need to know is how to open an email or read a text message.

You will use your computer, tablet or smartphone. Appointments will be scheduled at your preferred time and date. At the time of your scheduled session, we will send you an email that will contain a link, which you will simply have to click onto. Clicking on the link will start our web face-to-face session; we will use the microphone and camera already built into your phone or computer. You do not need to install any program or download any application. These virtual consultations are secure and compliant with all HIPAA requirements for patient privacy.


A TeleHealth session can include:

  1. Assessment and interview to determine the cause of your problem and to assess progress.
  2. Educating you on your condition by sharing patient education illustrations and videos.
  3. Teaching how to use means that you have at home to ease your pain and inflammation.
  4. Showing you how to adapt or modify everyday activities that you are struggling with.
  5. Demonstrating how you or a loved one can perform simple hands-on techniques to help you feel better and to help improve how your muscles and joints move.
  6. Observing how you perform your exercises and correcting you as needed.
  7. Giving you updated video exercise routines to keep your progress moving ahead.


Using our TeleHealth program, we will be able to check-in with you. We will see how you move and we can question you in detail to identify where you are limited and determine the best plan of care for you.

NO different than if you would be sitting in front of us in the clinic, we will listen to your concerns and explanation of your symptoms. We will ask you specific questions that will give us important information on your condition.

NO different than if you would be with us in the clinic, we will ask you to do specific movements so that we can carefully observe how your body functions. We will be able to see where the limitations are. We will see what parts of your joints or muscles do not move normally or optimally.

With all that information, we will be able to get a very good idea of what is causing your pain or your problem and we will be able to determine the best course of action. This will include treatment techniques that you can do to yourself and some exercises that will help your recovery. We can demonstrate what to do, we can watch you do it, we can correct you and update your program, and we can encourage and support you.

After our session we will provide you with a complete video exercise program that you will be able to refer to anytime you want.


How will you be able to evaluate my movement or strength?

When in the clinic with a patient, we ask our patients to do several movements and we observed them; we can still do that with TeleHealth. Though we will not be able to measure your range in specific degrees, we can still observe the way you move. We can show you by moving ourselves so that you can do the same. For example, can you bend forward to touch your knees, your shin, or your toes? Can you reach with your hand behind your back? Can you open your jaw to fit 2 or 3 fingers?

Same goes for strength assessment. We can still see the strength of your movements by asking you to perform specific tasks. For example, can you lift a coffee mug, a bottle of water, or a gallon of milk? Can you go up on your toes, if so how many times? If you exercise at home, you can tell us for example: “I used to be able to lift a 10-pound weight, but now I can only lift 5 pounds because it hurts”.

How will this help me with my everyday struggles?

We can still evaluate your function even if we are not next to you. In the clinic you would have shown us how you can for example get up from a chair, balance standing on one leg, or raise your arm over your head as if to reach a high shelf. We can still observe all that remotely. We can watch you walk. We can ask you: are you awaken by pain at night? Can you carry a grocery bag? Can you get in and out of a car?

In some ways, TeleHealth will have some advantages when it comes down to helping you manage your everyday activities. Now, you will be able to show us specifically the problems that you have during your daily life. When you were in the clinic with us, you could only tell us what you struggled with; now you will be able to show us.

How can I continue to get better without hands-on care?

That is the biggest drawback with TeleHealth; however there is good news here as well. You can replicate many techniques if we show you how to do it, and it is generally quite effective. We often show those techniques to our patients to include in their home program.

We can show you how to open-up or mobilize your spine or work tight muscles by using a foam roll. Don’t worry if you don’t have a foam roll, we can show you which one to order or we can show you how to use a rolled towel instead. We can also show you how to use tennis balls or other simple tools to apply pressure points on specific areas of a muscle. We can show you how to glide joints using a towel or a belt. As you try to do it, you can tell us how it feels. By looking at you doing it and with your feedback, we will know if you are doing it correctly and we can adjust what you do as needed.

We believe that there is undeniably a great value in the hands-on care that we provide in the clinic. However, forced to find temporary alternatives, we sincerely believe that we can still help you with TeleHealth.

Some of you may choose and need to still come in our clinic. But if you are at greater risk with underlying conditions or if you are elderly, it is likely best for you to not visit us. For many patients, avoiding coming into the clinic the for the time being is the best choice to minimize exposure and possible spread of the virus. TeleHealth may offer you a valuable temporary solution. We can still make a difference remotely showing you how to manage your pain and how to keep your recovery moving forward.

How often will I need to schedule TeleHealth sessions?

Just like with in-clinic visits, you may need more frequent sessions if you are acutely injured, recovering from a surgery, or experiencing a lot of pain or limitations. As you get better, we can decrease the frequency of your Telehealth sessions.

If TeleHealth sessions are helpful, we will be able to schedule them on a regular basis. For others, we will be able to use them on a as needed basis. We just ask that you try one or two sessions so that we can see if PT e-visits can help you. We can also combine In-Clinic and Telehealth sessions to ideally suit your needs while decreasing your need to come into the clinic.

I am worried about my insurance coverage for TeleHealth.

New legislation has been passed mandating that Medicare and most Insurance Providers cover PT TeleHealth. If you tell us that you are interested in scheduling a session, we will verify your coverage. Should your specific insurance have limitations on TeleHealth, or should you not have any insurance, we offer discounted cash rates so you can continue your care remotely.

I have other questions or concerns, how can I reach you?

Please do not heasitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about how TeleHealth works or to discuss which treatment option is best for you.


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2 treatment options:
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