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Muscle re-education and postural training are essential elements to prepare for strengthening exercise programs. Without first restoring normal function and then properly re-educating movement and postural control, all exercises will simply reinforce faulty body mechanics or movements, thus potentially worsening the patients’ condition. Oftentimes, manual therapy techniques and therapeutic modalities will be incorporated into your exercise regimen.

Strengthening exercise programs initially need to be closely supervised (with one-on-one training and ongoing corrections) and should be designed specifically for each patient. Appropriate home exercise and work hardening programs will then ensure lasting relief and help prevent re-injuries. This last phase of rehabilitation is essential in order to maintain and stabilize the corrected movement biomechanics, the improved postural alignment and/or the newly acquired ranges of motion.

We will always take into consideration your preferences and “real-life” situations when designing your exercise programs. If you have only 10 minutes daily to devote to exercising and have no equipment at home; we can still devise an effective routine to help you. We can also work with your coaches or trainers; can help you with your gym routine or sport-specific training. 


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